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What should I do with severe dementia?

Alzheimer's disease can cause disease for a variety of reasons. For example, some scientists have found through statistical observation that some people with syphilis or AIDS have a significantly higher risk of getting Alzheimer's.
Others have been exposed to Alzheimer's disease because they have been exposed to chemicals such as aluminum and mercury. So, what should I do with severe dementia? Let me introduce you to Xiaobian today.
1.How is severe Alzheimer's disease caused?
1.Cerebrovascular disease: The most common form of multiple cerebral infarction dementia is caused by a series of multiple mild ischemic attacks, which are caused by multiple brain accumulations.
In addition, there are subcortical vascular dementia and acute cerebral vascular dementia, which can rapidly develop into dementia after a series of cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral embolism, and a small number can also be caused by a large area of cerebral infarction. In short, cerebrovascular disease is also a common cause of senile dementia.
2.Brain degenerative diseases: There are many kinds of dementia caused by brain degenerative diseases, the most common is Alzheimer's disease dementia, and the premature aging is called Alzheimer's disease. Its onset is slow and progressive progressive dementia.
In addition, there are Pico disease, Tinton's chorea dementia, progressive supranuclear palsy, Parkinson's disease dementia and so on.
3.Genetic factors: Many studies at home and abroad have proved that the offspring of patients with Alzheimer's disease have a higher chance of developing the disease. However, its genetic pattern is still unclear, and its genetic effects can be restricted by environmental factors and mutations of genetic factors, so that its genetic effects are interrupted.
There are also some studies that suggest that elderly people are non-hereditary diseases, such as vascular dementia is not directly related to heredity.
2.What are the specific hazards of severe Alzheimer's?
1.The quality of life of patients is seriously degraded. The initial signs of Alzheimer's dementia usually start from amnesia, such as forgetting things often, and some things are deliberately remembered and will not be remembered afterwards, which seriously affects work and life.
Further development, patients' daily living ability declines, they do not know spouses, children, dressing, eating, urinating and urinating can not take care of themselves; some also have auditory hallucinations, bring endless pain and trouble to themselves and those around them .
2.The lack of caregivers and emotional problems. With dementia, the most painful thing is not the patients themselves, but the care of their families. Among the families of many people with Alzheimer's disease, more than 80% of them have different levels of emotional disorders, and some even suffer from depression and anxiety. The key is the feeling of being unable to communicate and not seeing hope. It is not only a problem of tiredness, but also many families are deeply desperate.
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