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Two kinds of tea make men more confident

China has thousands of years of tea culture. Tea is indispensable for everyday people, playing the role and its important role. Then do you know that there is also a big culture in tea? Men generally have kidney deficiency, and drinking tea can strengthen kidney and impotence. Here are a few recommended kidney teas. How do you drink tea?we are provide nourish kidney product,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of nourish kidney product.
green tea
It can improve hematopoietic function, increase platelets and white blood cells. Spirulina: Polysaccharide is rich in rhamnose and has obvious anti-radiation effects. Ginkgo biloba products: For those who work in a radiation environment, insisting on taking Ginkgo biloba tea can raise white blood cells and protect hematopoietic function. Epimedium tea, practice: decoction or boiling water. Drink tea for a long time. Function: There is a role of kidney and aphrodisiac. Applicable to impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission and other sexual neurasthenia.
Applicable to impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission and other sexual neurasthenia.
Amaranth tea
Amaranth and green tea in a ratio of 4:1, add the amount of crystal sugar, together into the tea cup, brewed in boiling water, on behalf of the tea to drink. This side has the effect of nourishing the heart, strengthening the kidney and solidifying the essence. If it can be matched with the scorpion, the effect will be better. Applicable to the lack of sexual intercourse, heart and chest troubles embolism.
How to eat kidney yang in spring, how to eat leeks
The effect of leek
The spring climate is different, it needs to maintain yang, and the leeks should be yang. Amaranth contains nutrients such as volatile oil, protein, fat and multivitamins. It has the functions of strengthening stomach, refreshing and strengthening kidney. Spring 韭 is the best among the leeks, and the taste is especially delicious. Its roots are as white as jade, green leaves are like green, and the fragrance is fragrant.
Su Shi, a poet of the Song Dynasty, "suddenly feels that the east wind is chilly, and the artemisia scutellariae is a spring plate." The spring scorpion is described to the fullest. Not only that, but also a lot of names. For example, leeks are also called grass stalactites, wormwood, longevity grass, also known as flat vegetables.
Men are more suitable for eating leeks? Women are relatively unsuitable for eating leeks?
can nourish yin, can rise to the sun, this proverb is based on the induction and summary of different physiological characteristics of men and women. Because of the male kidney yang deficiency, the female is more yin and blood deficiency, the man eats the leeks to supplement the yang, and the woman eats the lotus root to increase the blood.
However, from the perspective of nutrition, there is not much basis for this sentence. In the specific application, it should be combined with the specific conditions of the individual's body, flexible application, and not mechanically copied.
There are two reasons for leeks burning heart. First of all, raw amaranth contains volatile propylene sulfide, so it has a spicy taste and promotes appetite.
It also contains propylene sulfide volatiles in the bulbs of plants such as garlic and onions, which can resist cold and sterilize against influenza.

These volatiles have a certain stimulating effect on the stomach and intestines when eating raw leek, which is easy to cause heartburn. Everyone has heard that leeks are also called enteric grass, rich in dietary fiber, not easy to digest in the stomach, so it will stimulate more gastric acid secretion, which is the main cause of heartburn.

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