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Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical's 7 exclusive drugs enter the national doctor

Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical's 7 exclusive drugs enter the national doctor
On August 20th, the National Medical Insurance Bureau issued a new edition of the “National Basic Medical Insurance, Work Injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance Drug List” (hereinafter referred to as “the new version of the 

medical insurance catalogue”), Tongxinluo Capsules/Pieces and References independently developed by Ling Pharmaceutical. Song Yangxin Capsule, Qiqiangxin Capsule, Lianhua Qinglan Capsule/Particle/Sheet, Jinlida Granule/Oral 

Liquid, Xiayu Capsule and Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsule are listed in the new medical insurance catalogue.
* Tongluo Chinese medicine provides a new way to prevent and treat major diseases
It is reported that the seven exclusive drugs that are included in the new medical insurance catalogue are the traditional Chinese medicines developed by Yiling Pharmaceutical under the guidance of the theory of traditional 

Chinese medicine.
So far, Yiling Pharmaceutical has developed a series of scientific and technological Chinese medicines with independent intellectual property rights around six major diseases, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular 

diseases, diabetes, respiratory, tumor, nerve and urinary tract, and large quantities of drugs in the market. Including Tongxinluo Capsule/Piece for treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Shensong Yangxin Capsule 

for treating arrhythmia, Qiqiangxin Capsule for treating chronic heart failure, Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsule for treating tumor, and treating cold and anti-flu Huaqing Capsules/granules/tablets, Jinlida granules/oral solution for 

treating diabetes, Xiayu capsules for treating prostate diseases, and Yangzheng Xiaoji capsules for treating tumors, etc., more than ten traditional Chinese medicines in clinical research stage, clinical More than 20 varieties 

have been researched before, forming a series of patented drug clusters at different stages of research and development.
* Significant efficacy confirmed by clinical evidence-based studies
Around the traditional Chinese medicine of Tongluo, a number of well-known experts in the country have carried out a series of clinical evidence-based research, which fully reveals the internal mechanism of the effect of 

traditional Chinese medicine on Tongluo. Relevant research papers have been published in many international authoritative academic journals.
With excellent clinical efficacy, Tongluo Chinese Medicine has successively won four national science and technology progress second prizes, one national technical invention second prize and several provincial and ministerial 

awards, entered the national essential medicines catalogue, and was authoritized by several authoritative clinical guidelines. Expert consensus and university textbooks are listed as recommended medications.
This new version of the medical insurance list will be Tongxinluo Capsule/Piece, Shensong Yangxin Capsule, Qiqiangxin Capsule, Lianhua Qinglan Capsule/Particle/Piece as a medical insurance category A, Jinlida Granule/Oral 

Liquid, Summer Qi Capsule and Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsule are listed as medical insurance B varieties, which fully embodies the important value of Tongluo traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of major 

clinical diseases.
* Play the role of Chinese medicine in major diseases
Experts unanimously agreed that this medical insurance catalogue prioritizes the treatment of major diseases such as national essential drugs, cancer and rare diseases, chronic disease medications, children's medications, 

first-aid rescue medications, etc., and realizes that medicines have “in and out” and fund expenditures Cage for birds."
The drug structure in the catalogue was further optimized, the management was more strict and standardized, and the quality and level of medication support were further improved. It is foreseeable that Tongluo Chinese medicine, 

which has entered the new medical insurance catalogue and has the advantage of the authoritative treatment program, will play a greater role in the prevention and control of major diseases such as cardiovascular and 

cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases and tumors, and the market prospect will be broader. .

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