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Protecting the cardiovascular is life-saving, 4 things must be remembered in the heart

The health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular is very important for each of us. In life, we have to learn how to protect our cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Once the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular abnormalities occur, it will have a very big impact on normal life. Today, Xiaobian is here to teach you some ways to protect your heart and brain. Let's go down together.
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1. Stick to exercise.
Exercise is a good way to maintain our body. Everyone is advised to maintain sufficient exercise on a daily basis. For young people, some more intense exercise can be done. Middle-aged and older people need to choose the exercise that suits them according to their physical condition, and try not to be too strong. Proper exercise can effectively promote blood circulation and exercise to our heart muscle ability. For some people who are overweight, they can also effectively lose weight. This is very important for the maintenance of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. There is a special need to pay attention to exercise. It is necessary to do what you can, and you can barely do your own exercise that is not suitable for you. To the counterproductive effect.
2, diet conditioning.
In your life, pay attention to maintaining a healthy diet and reducing the intake of high-fat, high-calorie foods. Regular consumption of these foods can lead to high levels of cholesterol in the body. Over time, it can cause a series of symptoms such as blockage of blood vessels. Many cardiovascular diseases are eaten, so you should pay special attention to the diet, limit calorie intake, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and fiber-rich coarse grains. Also pay attention to not enough to eat every meal, about 7 minutes or so to eat enough, eating too much can easily lead to insufficient blood supply to the heart, causing the brain to be overloaded, it is easy to cause cardiovascular disease.
3, living habits conditioning.
Maintaining a good work habit is also very effective in preventing cardiovascular disease. Pay attention to keeping enough sleep time on a daily basis. Try not to stay up all night, long-term staying up late is very unfavorable for cardiovascular health. After getting up in the morning, it is recommended to drink a cup of warm water to dilute the blood.
4. Control emotions.
Excessive fluctuations in mood can affect normal blood pressure, especially for middle-aged and elderly people, they must learn to control their emotions on a daily basis. Don't be too excited in life because of some small things. It is easy to cause an accident when the blood pressure rises after the excitement. It is recommended to maintain an open-minded attitude in life. After encountering things, let yourself calm down, don't make a big fuss, try not to get angry, and maintain a peaceful attitude to treat life.
The above is some of the ways to protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in life. In fact, it is nothing more than some of our daily life details, as long as these details are done. It can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases to a large extent, but these things must be adhered to for a long time. If you only insist on one or two days, then you will definitely not see the effect.
Method of protecting blood vessels These actions are often done to protect blood vessels
After a certain age, many physical functions will decline. Especially after the age of 40, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will be found unconsciously. Today, Xiaobian tells you about ways to protect blood vessels, how to clean blood vessels and how to prevent blood vessel blockage. Let's take a look.
Method of protecting blood vessels
1, shake your head and shake your head
Do you still remember the "neck movement" in the PE class of the student era? In fact, the reason is the same, that is, the neck is fully relaxed, and the problem of the neck directly affects the brain.
The specific method is: stand with your hands on your hips or sit flat, relax the muscles on your neck, continue to point up and down for 3 minutes, then twist your neck for 3 minutes, do 2-3 times a day. This kind of head rotation can enhance the blood pressure resistance of the head blood vessels, improve the endurance of the neck muscles, ligaments, and cervical vertebrae, prevent stroke, and effectively prevent high blood pressure and cervical spondylosis that is easy for office workers to commit.
2, shrug

After the neck is relaxed, the next step is to move the shoulders. Lift the two shoulders up and slowly relax and let go, repeating for 5 minutes, doing it several times a day in the morning and evening. This action can prevent periarthritis of the shoulder and also provides a driving force for carotid blood to flow into the brain, which can accelerate the flow of slower blood to the brain, avoiding the risk of infarction and reducing the potential risk of insufficient blood supply to the cerebral blood vessels.

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