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How to prevent prostatitis in life

The method of preventing prostatitis is what many people want to know, because everyone can only reduce the prostatitis caused by the prevention work in life, so that more people can have a health. The body, then how to prevent prostatitis in life?you can ask prostate disease and treatment,We will give you a satisfactory result,about prostate disease and treatment.
1. Drink more water. More water will urinate more often, high concentration of urine will produce some stimulation of the prostate, long-term adverse stimulation is harmful to the prostate. Drinking more water not only dilutes the blood, but also effectively dilutes the concentration of urine.
2. Do not urinate. Once the bladder is filled with urine, it should be urinated, and urine is not good for the bladder and prostate. Before taking a long-distance bus, you should empty the urination and then take the bus. If you are urinating on the way, you should greet the driver and get rid of the urination. Don't be hard.
3. Moderate life. To prevent prostatic hypertrophy, it is necessary to pay attention from the young and middle-aged. The key is to have a moderate sex life, and not to abstain from sex. Sexual life frequently causes the prostate to be in a state of hyperemia for a long time, causing the prostate to enlarge.
Therefore, especially in the youth period when sexual desire is relatively strong, pay attention to the restraint life, avoid repeated hyperemia of the prostate, and give the prostate full recovery and dressing time. Of course, excessive abstinence can cause discomfort and discomfort, as well as the prostate.
What is the danger of male prostatitis?
Prostatitis is also a common male disease in life. The incidence of this disease is also relatively high. The physical harm caused by prostatitis disease is also serious, affecting the normal life of male friends. So what is the danger of male prostatitis?
There are five major hazards in male prostatitis:
First, pain: affecting work and life. Due to the stimulation of inflammation, a series of symptoms, such as lumbosacral, perineal, testicular and other parts of the pain, urinary incontinence, frequent nocturia, etc., make the patient irritated and affect work and life.
Second, affect fertility: long-term chronic inflammation, the composition of the prostatic fluid changes, the prostate secretion function is affected, and thus affect the liquefaction time of *, sperm motility decreased, can lead to male infertility.

Third, infected spouses cause gynecological inflammation: prostatitis can be transmitted to the wife, especially the prostatitis caused by some special pathogen infection, its inflammation can be transmitted to the wife through sexual intercourse. Such as fungal prostatitis, trichomonas prostatitis, gonorrhea prostatitis, non-gonococcal (Chlamydia, mycoplasma) prostatitis.

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