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How is the enlargement of the prostate volume caused?

1, bad living habits:
Nowadays, young people have irregular life, alcoholism, frequent entertainment, and eating spicy foods, which can lead to excessive stimulation of the prostate and cause hyperplasia of the prostate.
2, prostate hyperemia:
Eating spicy, sour and other foods, alcohol and other bad habits can lead to prostate hyperemia and lead to prostate hypertrophy, excessive sexual life, sexual impulses have the same effect, therefore, male friends must pay attention.qili qiangxin capsule help prostate disease and treatment.
3. The impact of sexual life:
There are many male sex lifes, especially young men, sexual life is irregular, masturbation is frequent, and do not love sports, leading to poor blood circulation in the prostate, it is also easy to cause prostate tissue congestion and prostate hypertrophy.
4, the impact of hormones:
Prostatic hypertrophy is closely related to the imbalance of androgen and estrogen in the body. In particular, testosterone in males is the main component of male androgen. If the testosterone decline in males not only affects sexual function, but also becomes dihydrotestosterone under the action of enzymes, it is the activity of androgen to stimulate prostatic hypertrophy. hormone.
Prostate volume increase considerations
1. Pay attention to self-care, strengthen physical exercise, prevent colds, actively treat infections in other parts of the body, and improve the body's resistance to disease.
2, light diet, alcohol and spicy stimulation, so as not to cause prostate congestion; moderate sexual intercourse, contraindications of sexual intercourse, can reduce prostate congestion.
3, moderate exercise, not suitable for long-term riding, cycling and sedentary, office staff should stand up for 1-2 hours to move for a while to reduce prostate congestion.
4, daily hot water bath before going to bed, regular prostate massage, can promote blood circulation, and facilitate the discharge of inflammatory secretions.
What is the reason for the increase in prostate volume in men? The cause of male prostate enlargement is more complicated. This condition may be caused by chronic diseases, or may be caused by excessive hyperemia of the prostate. It is necessary to pay attention to the health of the prostate. Usually, you should pay attention to self-care and strengthen physical exercise. And the diet should be light, eat less irritating food, avoid prostate congestion, and control the frequency of sexual life.
Is the prostate enlargement serious?
Prostate hyperplasia Many people know that due to prostatic hyperplasia, many male friends feel that the larger the prostate hyperplasia, the more serious it is. So is prostate enlargement the bigger the volume, the more serious it is? For this question, let the experts come to us for a detailed introduction.

The bigger the volume of prostate hyperplasia, the more serious it is? Experts say that the man's prostate is located at the exit of the bladder, around the beginning of the urethra, and once the lesion appears, it is easy to affect the urination function. Patients with mild symptoms have slow urination, weak urinary tract, short range, thinned or bifurcated urinary tract, and severe urinary obstruction or even no urine. The size of benign prostatic hyperplasia can only indicate the extent of enlargement of the prostate gland, and does not indicate the degree of obstruction of the prostatic gland to the urethra and the severity of the disease symptoms. Experts pointed out that the severity of benign prostatic hyperplasia should be based on the severity of symptoms, and there is no direct relationship with the volume of prostate growth.

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